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Our Principles

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    We believe in doing what we say, in honoring our commitments, and hold that Truth is the highest ideal.

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    We believe that quality is the result of focused, genuine effort to achieve the best outcome whether it be creating a product, delivering a service or conducting a meeting.

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    We give our best to every client, regardless of their size or purchase.


I want to thank you sincerely for your fast, competent and cheerful response over the years to my calls for help...


We have always been pleased with your work, your creativity and attention to detail and especially appreciate your being available to us.


Our History

In 1995, a company was formed and a website created that remained number one in the world for 17 years and now, like so many others, fell behind because of failure to keep up with the tide of change. That is being rectified.

InterData began with a vision to support an industry that served the entrepreneur, the Fortune 500, the professional and the start-up. That industry, once referred to as the executive suite industry, continues to evolve, embracing change by serving business as the need demands with models for co-working as easily as the executive suite.

Our Present

The company continued to expand its services beyond web advertising to the executive suite industry, with the introduction of web development services including design, e-commerce, web hosting, and software development.

The creation of specialty websites, back-end functionality and creating hardware design has expanded our horizons in addition to our commitment to community service.

Our Future

We are developing products for distribution through the online medium with software apps being developed as an extension of our development services. We plan continued expansion and delivery of related services through our real estate portals with mashing of global interests with our own. We are adding a Membership Portal for students advancing their skills in the development, design, and mobile universe with rewards, recognition, and support of local charities. As always, our company continues to operate with its core values and has enjoyed the loyalty of its primary client base for many years. We invite you to visit us again soon as our site will continue to evolve along with our products.

InterData Access Corporation is privately held.

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